Emporio Armani Watches: how to spot the fake?

Watches from the world famous brand Emporio Armani is very popular in the market for many reasons - stylish design, very wide range of models, high quality of the product and at the same time the relatively low price for a high quality product. Therefore, it is very easy to fall across the fake when buying this brand watches, especially on the Internet. Primarily, this is a doubtful desert of the Chinese manufacturers who have learned to make copy of them so well that often even experienced expert cannot distinguish fake from the original. Even the most experienced watchmaker or jeweller cannot always detect the fake, as it is virtually impossible to be familiar with all brands and models of the watches in equal measure. Of course, experts are paying primary attention to the details of the watch itself, or open it in order to verify the model of the mechanism, but it is mistakenly thought that if the mechanism itself is original, it is a guarantee of authenticity. Unfortunately, we have to say that it is possible to find a copy of such a level in the market that just all parts are identical to the original, including Japanese quartz mechanisms, which are often used in most models of watches of this brand.

The case is that these mechanisms are freely sold on the market and many of them are being used for the watches of different brands. It can be compared with the vehicle chassis, which can be used for different models and even car brands, but the body design is absolutely different. And by no means always the experts know where to pay attention upon. Is it possible to identify fake by oneself without third party? Answer: Yes! So we want to tell you how to do that. Of ‘course, usual ordinary consumers, are not quite able or willing to go into all details and spend a lot of time on studying the small nuances. Most of us mistakenly believe that one can buy a product on the Internet, which you see in a regular store or shopping centre, at a price, which is half as high, and sometimes three to four times lower. But it is far from true.

So unfair sellers often take advantage of this, and as a result the average consumer is fooled, and, of course, he is guilty by himself, believing that he is making a very cheap purchase. Whatever qualitative can be, is not the original, and the quality cannot be at the same high level, so in 2-3 months you may be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the mechanism of your supposedly original watch has stopped and some parts have begun to fall off or break down. Of course, the original may be break down as well, which happens quite often, as a lot of small and delicate parts are used in the watch, but the likelihood of breaking-down of the original is, of course, much less. All the more so, because the manufacturer provides a warranty for mechanism and other parts and they can be repaired within a few years if something happens to them through no fault of yours. The real cost of high-quality copies of any watch amounts on average to 50-80 dollars (30-50 pounds), so the profit from the sale of one watch can be several hundred dollars, which makes the sale of fakes a very profitable business.

Many people mistakenly believe that if they acquire such kind of goods in online store with a good reputation, they are guaranteed against fakes, but this is not true, because such profit from the sale of fakes allows investing in advertising and promotion of the website. So ordinary consumers get on these hooks, believing that here and now they can buy what they want at a discount of 50 or even 70 percent. But we will have to disappoint those who chase after the lowest price, buying this kind of accessory. Watch is not seasonal good, it is not running shoes or, for example, glasses that you may be lucky to buy at 25-30 % of the value at the end of the season in sale. Collections are not updated each season as it happens with clothes, shoes or other accessories. Up to 80% (!) of fake watches is being sold in the online stores, and if to take such popular online stores as eBay or Amazon, 95% are fakes!

Yes, this much. It's hard to believe but it's true. It is especially annoying if you choose a gift, for example to the birthday of your girlfriend, or to the friend's wedding, or just want to make a gift to your loved person.

You receive the item, and understand that it's fake. So what to do? The friend's birthday can be tomorrow already, and you do not have time to buy something else, or exchange the good. Taking all that into account, in our opinion, eBay is still the most convenient trading platform for purchasing such kind of goods. And here are some reasons: you have the opportunity to contact the seller via eBay message system and ask questions about the certain item of goods, if you know what to ask and how to pay attention, the fake can be detected even before you acquire it.

You can also see the seller’s rating and examine customer’s feedbacks. But the latter is not a guarantee at all. Even if the seller has a thousand, or even a million positive feedbacks and you buy the item from this seller, relying on these feedbacks, and it does not appear to be original, you, of course, will be able to return an item, and you will even get your money back, even though the seller will tell you that that the item is original, but anyhow you will lose time and will pay for the return shipping.

Yes, of course, you can leave a negative feedback and hope that everyone will know that the item was not original, but there is one nuance - the company's policy is that the seller is likely to contact eBay

The thing is that the seller pays to eBay 11% of the transaction amount and 3% to PayPal on the average. eBay earns a lot in such a manner. So what that one or several buyers said that item is fake? Prior to that, the seller could have made hundreds or thousands of successful transactions, and buyers did not even suspect that they bought fake item, so the seller will have an advantage. And you, even if you are 100% sure that the item is fake, you will not be to prove it as you are not an expert and you will not have any document supported conclusion about the inconsistency with the original, as such conclusions can be made only by Armani official representatives in your country.

Now a little about Armani company's policy and watch selling on the Internet.

First of all, the seller should be registered as Ltd in the country, from where the shipping is being made in order to be able to cooperate with representatives of this or any other brand and to sell goods of such class. If you see an offer for sale on eBay from a private seller, you can be 100% sure that under no circumstances the item is original, as the simple seller cannot cooperate with the official representatives of the brand and purchase its goods.

Secondly, the price... Yes, of course, on the Internet you can buy almost any good cheaper than in the simple store, sometimes the price can be much lower, by 30 and even 50%, depending on the category of goods. For example, on eBay , you can find many offers for such popular models as 1400/1410 at the price below 200 pounds (300 U.S. dollars) or even 130 pounds (180 U.S. dollars), while on the shelves of the regular stores you will not find this model cheaper than 400-500 pounds (600-750 U.S. dollars). Many buyers will put at a stand at once! Naturally the question will arise: how is it possible!?

So how much can still watch cost on the Internet and why is it much more expensive in regular stores? Let's deal with it. In the regular chain store, which is usually located on the street with a large publicity in the centre of the city, or in the shopping centre, you have to pay very high rent, which can often take a very significant part of the money laid in the extra charge of goods, as well as you need to pay salaries to the staff and to maintain the head office and, finally, the company needs the profit as well.

There are many other costs, which are laid in the final price of the goods, while the company must pay income tax and have a constant range of goods at the cost of hundreds of thousands or even millions.

In the online store the situation is quite the opposite. In order to manage the small online store, sometimes you need only 1-2 people and do not require a wide range of goods which are in stock. Store on eBay may be limited by several models and be focused on selling only them.

Every seller on eBay should pay eBay the tax of 10% or higher from the amount of the transaction and 3 % to PayPal on average, while he should earn something, which is the sales objective. Therefore, in our opinion, the price for the above mentioned models cannot be less than 200 pounds or 320 U.S. dollars. As we have already said, eBay is the most convenient platform for buying and paying via PayPal, as by paying by card in online store it is much more difficult to contest the transaction and return the money.

So, now let's come down to the essentials. How is it possible to distinguish a fake and where to pay attention upon? There are several conditions, which will help you understand, whether the copy or original is being proposed. Let's begin:

Serial number:

First of all, original watches need to have the serial number on the back cover. It consists of 6 digits and is located near the model number and logo (see photo)

More information about the serial number: this number is not individual for each watch. This is the number of series, or lot number. And under the same number the hundreds and thousands of watches of one model can be produced. It can also be the same on different models, it is normal. Just the serial number of 6 digits should be located on the band, it may not be the same as the number on the back cover, but it should be mandatory. (see photo) If one of the numbers is missing, it is 100% fake.


Term of the official warranty for all Armani watches is 2 years, no more and no less. It is exactly 2 years.

Many sellers offer their own warranty, or do not offer it at all - it should immediately get your attention because the warranty may be only official and international, and not less than two years. Some online stores or sellers on eBay assure potential buyers that they provide their own warranty for a specific period, let’s say 3 or 12 months, because their prices are supposedly much lower. This is fraud and tricks for trustful buyers. Also sellers can assure you that they are selling goods with official warranty, but it requires at least three conditions.

The watch should be completed with a warranty book, which should be properly filled up, should have the date of sale, starting from which the warranty is valid, it should contain the model number, serial number of the watch and stamp of the seller who sold them to you. Along with the warranty book the seller should provide you with a certificate of authenticity. For more details see the next section.

Certificate of authenticity:

This is the most neglected thing. And as the practice shows - in vain. Certificate of authenticity can immediately identify fake. The thing is that such certificate has several levels of protection and it is almost impossible to be falsified, as it is produced in Italy, on special order of Emporio Armani. Most people who consider themselves as experts, in fact, only superficially know how it actually looks like, or do not know it at all, considering that it's just an ordinary piece of paper. The manufacturers of counterfeit also do not particularly pay attention to that and do not really try to make a copy close to the original. So, how should the original look like (see photo)

Upon further study, on the front side of the certificate you should find embossed writings with the name of Giorgio Armani brand (see photo)

The front side has interchangeable rows with the same text, one line with normal font and other with special pattern as if with the encrypted inscription. At the same time the lines with normal font are interchanging, the text is printed in its usual form once, the next – by inverted text (see photo)

The reverse side of the certificate has a higher level of protection and contains the same Giorgio Armani text, but the letters are bold, and have a special texture. (see photo)

Between the lines in small print you should find hidden text in large letters, when looking more microscopically (see photo)

Remember - the certificate should look so and in no other way, everything looking different is a fake, respectively, the watch will be fake.

More detailed information on how to distinguish the copy from the original of some popular models you can find here.

We wish you good buys ladies and gentlemen, and beware of fakes!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, we will be pleased to answer you!